Who qualifies for the program?

  • Veterans & Active Service
  • Police Force
  • Fire Fighters
  • EMT’s
  • Postal Workers
  • Teachers / Professors
  • Medical Personnel
  • Mass Transit Workers
  • Airline/Airport Employees
  • County & Municipal Workers
  • Non-Profit Organization Members
  • Other Community Service Members as determined on a case by case basis
See Eligibility Requirements
*If you have a family member that serves they can refer you to the program as a Sponsor. Please don’t disqualify yourself we can make exceptions.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • You must fall into one of the listed professional service jobs or explain how you serve others in your job to be considered for an inclusion
  • You must be eligible and fully qualified to purchase a home.
  • Each candidate will be assigned their personal WeROC Identification Number to be utilized with all local and national business partners for discounts.
  • We strongly recommend utilizing our recommended business partners to complete your home buying Process as they fully understand and support the program.