“We ROC for You”

“WeROC for You” is a home purchase and sale financial assistance program.

The program can be used to reimburse expenses incurred during the home buying process or provide supplemental assistance for Closing Costs, Home Warranty, Inspections, Appraisals and moving expenses. By working with our community partners and local businesses, that share our passion to serve those that serve, we award grants up to $5,000 per household to facilitate and increase home ownership opportunities.

Statistics show that many potential homeowners are trapped in rentals, not because they cannot afford a mortgage, but because they have not calculated the expenses that are inherent in the home buying or selling Equation and as a result are not financially prepared to purchase or sell a home. WeROC awards grants to facilitate and increase home ownership opportunities for Civic Service men and women and their supporting staff members.

We assist Sellers by reducing the expenses that are associated with liquidating an asset. These expenses may include but are not limited to seller concessions / incentives, repairs, private appraisals to determine value and Agent Commissions.