Home Ownership Program for Employees

H.O.P.E. is an amazing program that our Corporate Partners utilize to strengthen the bond between them and their employees.

How is this done?

WeROC partners with the employer and offers assistance to every employee that either purchases or sells a home with a certified WeROC Agent. Through the program, WeROC gives each applicant a $2,500 guaranteed grant to purchase or sale their home whether transferring / relocating from another city or simply moving within the local area.

All incentives that our certified agents negotiate in the contract will apply towards the guaranteed grant amount, in most instances the negotiated concessions supersede the guaranteed grant amount. The employee will be informed that by utilizing our preferred partners they may be eligible for additional discounts and credits.

WeROC Grants are all provided in the name of the employer. We have discovered that structuring the program in this manner boosts company morale, builds employee loyalty, strengthens workplace culture and reduces employee turnover. The employee has their company’s HR Department to thank for implementing and providing a Home Ownership Program that gives their employees such a significant benefit.

The program is customized to the employer by providing promotional flyers to be distributed throughout the workplace, create social media posts of the grant recipient, provide video testimonials at closing and WeROC will take a picture with a check in the name of the Employer.